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Make smarter and faster decisions

Entrepreneurial decisions often have a significant impact and can involve large investments. With data analyses and simulations, we help our customers to make their decisions faster and on the basis of well-founded facts and evaluated scenarios.  Use the information and data already available in your company to leverage potential and stay one decisive step ahead of your competitors.

Customized solutions for your processes in production and logistics

Let's find the right tool for your challenges together.

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Business Simulation

Support your decisions with the help of dynamic simulation and shorten your reaction time


Business Analytics

Take your processes to the next level through process mining and artificial intelligence

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Business Intelligence

Get the most information from your data through engaging visualizations and dashboards



The rapid pace of technical progress can sometimes make you lose track of things. We show you which challenges you can master with our technologies.


Inventory optimization in logistics

In the course of increasing the service level, the inventories within a regional warehouse are to be optimized. With the help of dynamic simulation, the intralogistic structure of a department store can be modeled and system-relevant parameters can be identified. By using integrated optimization experiments, the simulation model is able to find a suitable calibration that brings the system close to the optimal operating point in a short period of time.

For further development towards a digital twin, a reinforcement learning algorithm can be implemented, which is supplied by live data and can independently make adjustments to the parameterization. The system thus learns continuously and becomes robust in the face of (seasonal) fluctuations or unforeseeable events.

Inventory optimization in logistics


Sequence optimization in production

The productivity of a company depends to a large extent on the optimal use of resources within the value-adding activities. In production, this means that the planning and allocation of goods to be manufactured to the corresponding machines is done in such a way that the machine utilization is as high as possible and the throughput time of the individual production products is as low as possible.

With the help of dynamic simulation and innovative reinforcement learning algorithms, allocation plans can be created within a very short time to ensure maximum productivity. As a digital twin, the model can be used both for virtual commissioning in order to be able to assess the performance of the production system in advance, and to support operations through rapid decision-making.

Sequence optimization in production


Planning and optimization of supply chains and logistics networks

By combining advanced optimization algorithms with dynamic simulation, lean, flexible and robust supply chains can be created. This enables the creation of a digital twin of the supply chain that provides powerful insights into the logistics network, answers what-if questions, and minimizes the impact of potential risks.

The digital twin acts as a supply chain control tower for management. Powerful optimization solvers can be used to create network optimization plans, which can then be tested, validated and refined using dynamic simulation. This provides management with accurate quantitative data and information up front, even before the system is up and running.

Planning and optimization of supply chains and logistics networks

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